RV Fall Camping Tips: 6 Things to Remember for Your Fall Camping Trip

If you’re planning a fall vacation with your family, going camping is a great way to spend time together. These RV fall camping tips will help you plan ahead so that your fall break camping trip is fun and memorable for everyone. Learn more below.

Night campsite

Planning a Fall Trip to National Parks is a Great Time to Visit

Visiting the national park is an excellent way to enjoy fewer wait times and fewer crowds. With kids being back in school, the fall is a much less busy time for many of the national parks. Since most parks feature lush forests, you will have a great opportunity to view the beautiful foliage turning the vibrant colors of fall.

The Fall Foliage is All About Timing

If you are planning your vacation to view some of the beautiful changing trees, be sure you know what time of year to visit your chosen destination. In most cases, viewing the fall colors is all about timing your trip. Do some research beforehand to find the perfect time to visit your destination.

Mountainside fall foliage

A Fall Beach Vacation is Dreamy

If you’re less interested in the fall foliage and more into taking a calm retreat, fall beach vacations are an excellent way to avoid the crowds and enjoy some peace and quiet. We recommend visiting the southern beaches during the early to mid-fall when there are fewer crowds, and it’s easy to find a great spot to bask in the sun.

If You Love Festivals, Autumn Camping is Ideal

You should plan on visiting some fall festivals while on vacation. If you love fall festivals or anything of the sort, try to plan your camping trip in a destination where you’ll be able to partake. Fall is a popular time for most harvest festivals and other celebrations so it’s easy to find one near almost any travel destination.

The Weather is Perfect for Hiking

If you love getting out and hiking, the best time to do that is in the fall. Because of the cooler mornings, you can start hiking early, and as the day warms up, you can sit down and relax and enjoy the views. Additionally, the cooler evenings are perfect for relaxing around the fire after a long hike.

Family hiking in the fall

Wildlife is More Active in the Fall

Another great benefit to traveling in the fall is that the wildlife in most of the national parks is more active. This means you’ll be able to capture more photos of the local wildlife during your stay.
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