RV Tips:  5 RV Accessories You Should Invest in Before your First Camping Trip

Buying your first RV is an excellent way to invest in your family’s future vacations. If you’re excited to plan your first trip to the campground, you won’t want to forget some essential RV accessories to take with you to make your stay more comfortable. Below, we will show you our RV tips for the best accessories for the campground.

Entertainment center in an RV from Castle Country RV
An entertainment center in this RV is a perfect gathering place for the family.


One of the things you want to avoid in your camper is an excessive amount of moisture. If you’re camping during the summertime, humidity might be high, so having a dehumidifier running, will help to keep the humidity in your RV lower. Depending on the size of your Rv, you might also want to put a small dehumidifier in the bathroom.

RV Toilet Treatment Drops

No one wants to deal with a smelly black tank. You can avoid that by treating the problem ahead of time with RV toilet treatment drops or a black tank cleaning solution. Talk to your RV dealer about the best brands and their recommendations.

RV toilet treatment drops from Amazon
Available on Amazon

A Backup Generator

Although this is an expensive investment, getting a backup generator for your RV is a great idea. This will help you to boondock wherever you want along the way. Additionally, it allows you to rest, assured that you will have power, even if the campground loses electricity.

Collapsible Measuring Cups

Anything you can find for your kitchen that collapses down is a great way to save space. We recommend finding things like these collapsible measuring cups, which are available on Amazon. You can also look for collapsible calendars, strainers, bowls, cups, and so much more.

Collapsible measuring cups and spoons on Amazon
Available on Amazon.

Leveling Blocks

And one thing you don’t want to leave home without a set of leveling blocks. These simple stands are designed to fit under your leveling jacks or tires to help level your RV at the campground easier. 
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