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Our friendly, RV Dealership in Utah will help you find the right RV for you.

Castle Country RV is a Premier RV Dealer in Utah located in a little town called Helper. Don't let our location fool you... if you are looking for an RV Dealer in Utah, you have come to the right place.  We service clients all over the world, and offer a Nationwide delivery service anywhere in the USA or Canada!  Here you can browse RV, Fifth Wheels, and Cargo trailers from some of the best manufacturers like Puma, Wildcat, Alpine, Avalanche, Cyclone, and Haulmark. At Castle Country RV we stock a wide variety and range of models for you to choose from.  Castle Country RV Sales has some of the best prices on RVs in Utah. Not only do we offer the best prices on our RVs, we also provide the best RV Service and have the best RV Parts department in Utah.

RV Sales Utah | Best Prices, Best Service!

RV Sales in Utah is what we do best. We have a huge selection on new RV Sales in Utah, including Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers and Toy Haulers. We also have Used RV Sales in Utah at great prices. If you buy a new or used RV from us here in Utah, we can deliver to you anywhere in the world! Our RV Sales staff in Utah is here to make buying a new RV a hassle free, fun experience for the whole family!

Heartland RV Dealer

Heartland Torque XLT:
Torque T25Torque T29 | Torque T31 | Torque T32

Heartland Torque:
Torque 396 | Torque 345 | Torque 321 | Torque 285

Cyclone 4250 | Cyclone 3611 | Cyclone 4113 | Cyclone 3513 | Cyclone 4005 | Cyclone 4115

Keystone RV

Keystone Alpine: 
Alpine 3010RE | Alpine 3300GR | Alpine 3400RS | Alpine 3500RL | Alpine 3600RS | Alpine 3660FL | Alpine 3900RE

Keystone Avalanche: 
Avalanche 300RE | Avalanche 330GR | Avalanche 320RS | Avalanche 365MB | Avalanche 370RD | Avalanche 395BH

Keystone Carbon: 
Carbon 347 | Carbon 357 | Carbon 364 | Carbon 387 | Carbon 417

Keystone Laredo: 
Laredo 285SBH | Laredo 298SRL | Laredo 355RL | Laredo 357BH | Laredo 330RL | Laredo 333BH | Laredo 334RE | Laredo 335MK

Keystone Bullet: 
Bullet 248RKSWE | Bullet 272BHSWE | Bullet 274BHSWE | Bullet 277BHSWE | Bullet 204RBSWE | Bullet 210RUDWE | Bullet 247BHSWE | Bullet 269RLSWE | Bullet 330BHSWE